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PAGES: 232

“The Houses on the Green” is the story of a small community living in terraced property in the Ardwick area of Manchester and is set in the 1950’s.  Their homes lie on the edge of a clearance area and have been subject to a compulsory purchase order.

The owner of the five properties, an ex army officer, leads the fight to save their homes.  He is backed by the other residents; a young single mother, a Jewish couple who fled Austria just before Hitler entered Vienna, a hard working secretary in the city centre and a rather slow witted young man coping alone after the death of his parents.  Each of the characters bring their own strengths to the conflict.

They take the fight to the Town Hall and encounter a planning officer with old scores to settle.

Set at a time when massive slum clearances were taking place in most major cities, the story is a realistic representation of life in the fifties.


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